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A Collections (overview)

Using collections and dynamic pages

collections, dynamic pages, code

Collection forms

How do I get to the form view of a collection?


Empty Fields

Can I skip fields in a collection?

collections, dynamic pages, code

Multi-events collection

There can be many collections pages

collections, dynamic pages

Past Conferences collection

What's in the Conferences collection?

collections, conferences

Secret page

One page with all the pages and links


Using code to hide buttons

How can I show or hide a button based on whether or not it has a link?


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Add a new conference

How do I add a new conference?


Dynamic Pages (overview)

Dynamic Pages are templates with fields that show information by connecting to the collection.

dynamic pages

Magic Menus

Automatically make submenus for the conference pages

dynamic pages

One collection for presentations

All past and proposed sessions are in v-sessions

Proposals collection

What's in the Proposals collection?

collections, Proposals collection

URLs and new windows

When does a URL open a new window?