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Why Attend ProductCampRTP™?

Reason #1

Network with product experts and expand your professional community. Some of the most valuable time at the conference is the time you spend talking to your neighbors.

About Us

Founded in 2008, ProductCampRTP™ is dedicated to sharing best practices, tools and training around products -- from conception to renewal. We host two conferences each year: a full day in the spring, and a half day evening event in the fall.


Who Do We Serve?

ProductCampRTP™ caters to entrepreneurs, market researchers, product developers, product managers, product marketing professionals, and business/market development leaders in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina. All industries are welcome at ProductCampRTP™!

What Makes Us Unique?
  • Unlike other product-related events, ProductCampRTP™ is not owned or chartered by another company. Leveraging local experts is our way of giving back to our community, building the skills and recognition of people and businesses in the RTP.

  • The annual spring ProductCampRTP™ event feature a modified "unconference" format, where topics are selected by event participants. The fall event is more programmed while still allowing plenty of speaker interaction and networking opportunities.

  • We are industry agnostic, with educational content that may be applied to a variety of industries including technology (software, hardware, cloud services), manufacturing, services (like healthcare), and more!

Tell Us About YOU!

We have your interests in mind. What topics do you want to hear about? Product design, product development, go-to-market name it. We're developing new events to help you learn more about your craft. Help us help you!  > Take our short survey.

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