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Dynamic Pages (overview)

Dynamic Pages (overview)

Dynamic Pages are templates with fields that show information by connecting to the collection.

For example, a field for the Event Title is connected to the Event Title field in the collection. Changing the title in the collection from ProductCamp to Product Summit changes all pages that reference that field. So in our case, the home page information about the upcoming conference is pulled from the collection. When the next event comes along, you make a new record and its title is used on the home page with no modification necessary to the home page itself.

There are two kinds of Dynamic Pages: Multi-Events (all) shows all the records in the collection; Multi-Pages (Title) shows only a single record. Clicking Details in the ALL page goes to the TITLE page for the selected event. This is somehow done rather magically internally.

There can be multiple TITLE pages. The Photo-Gallery multi-pages show the photo gallery that is in the Multi-event collection. (Actually, I tried showing the gallery on the Details page instead but couldn’t figure out how to hide the gallery if there wasn’t one.)