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2024 Spring Onsite Conference

Friday, May 17, 2024 from 1pm to 5:30pm

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Session Abstract

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Data Science & AI

Staying Alive: Surviving and Thriving as a PM in the AI Era

# Workshop Title

**Staying Alive: Thriving as a PM in the Era of Generative AI**

## Workshop Overview

As AI revolutionizes product management, your survival depends on your ability to harness its power. In this compact session, you'll learn how to use generative AI to boost your strategic impact, efficiency, and job security.

## Objectives

- **Understand AI's Impact**: Discover how AI is transforming PM roles and what skills are now critical.
- **Leverage AI Strategically**: Learn to use AI for better decisions, innovation, and user engagement.
- **Develop AI-Proof Skills**: Gain practical tips to enhance your value and indispensability with AI.

## Key Takeaways

1. **AI and the PM Landscape** (5 min): A brief overview of how AI is changing the game for PMs.

2. **Mastering Generative AI** (5 min): Practical tips and tools (ChatGPT, Claude, Gemini) to automate tasks, generate ideas, and gather insights.

3. **Strategic Problem Solving with AI** (5 min): Techniques to analyze data, understand users, and develop killer strategies using AI.

4. **Staying Ahead of the Curve** (5 min): Strategies to continually update your skills and remain indispensable in an AI-driven world.

## Q&A (10 min)

A chance to dive deeper into how you can personally apply generative AI to future-proof your PM career.

## Who Should Attend

- PMs, team leads, and strategists looking to secure their roles and thrive in the age of AI.
- Any product professional eager to harness the power of generative AI for career advantage.

Survival isn't about hiding from AI; it's about mastering it. Join this session to ensure you don't just stay alive, but thrive as a PM in the era of generative AI.

Dean Peters

Dean Peters

Principal Consultant & Trainer


Dean Peters is a visionary product leader, expert instructor, and frequent speaker, renowned for his profound expertise in machine learning, natural language processing, CI/CD, and continuous testing. His seasoned experience in AI, IoT, and mobile solutions has equipped him with practical, real-world insights, making him a pivotal educator in advanced product management. As a seasoned Agile team leader, Dean has mentored numerous product leaders, transforming intricate concepts into outcome-focused strategies. His proven success in enhancing organizational business and operational models underscores his value to companies aiming to refine their product management practices. Dean's engaging 'Hakawati' storytelling captivates his audience, making him a sought-after speaker at industry events.

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