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2024 Spring Onsite Conference

Friday, May 17, 2024 from 1pm to 5:30pm

Photos and session presentations are posted. Remember to complete the email survey to win prizes.

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Prizes and Giveaways

Prize winners will be notified via email.


Three (3) seats in the New Product Blueprinting course, valued at $1495 each. 


Free trial license key for Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop.


Two (2) of the newly published “Product Development and Management Body of Knowledge: A Guidebook for Product Innovation Training and Certification, 3rd Edition. $55 value each.


Two (2) print copies of Turn Ideas Into Products by Steve Johnson.

Digital copies available to those who attend the session.


Prize #1: One (1) Seat for Productside’s Live, Online Optimal Product Management Course with AIPMM Certification, a $3795 value. Attend virtually on the May 28 or June 4 sessions.

Prize #2: Two (2) Productside Playbook. $100 value each.


Get a powerhouse bundle, including pre-release copies of SEQUENT LEARNING’s game-changing "Product Manager's Career Path" book, access to an exclusive mini-class, and best-selling "Product Strategy and Roadmapping" course and book – a total value of over $800! 

Enter here for a chance to win

Winners will be announced on May 18, 2024

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