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2024 Spring Onsite Conference

Friday, May 17, 2024 from 1pm to 5:30pm

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Session Abstract

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Product Marketing

Empowering Product Marketing: Integrating Cutting-Edge Tools, Agile Processes, and Inclusive Strategies

In today's competitive marketplace, effective product marketing is crucial for capturing attention and converting leads. This workshop focuses on the integration of innovative tools, efficient processes, and diverse perspectives to enhance product marketing strategies. Participants will gain practical insights from industry leaders and learn to leverage these elements to create compelling marketing campaigns.

Key Aspects of the Topic:
1. Innovative Tools: Understanding and utilizing the latest marketing tools and technologies to streamline campaigns and improve analytics.
2. Efficient Processes: Developing agile processes that adapt to market changes and consumer behavior, enhancing the speed and effectiveness of marketing efforts.
3. Diverse Perspectives: Leveraging the strengths of a diverse team to foster creative solutions and inclusive marketing strategies that resonate with a broader audience.

Benefits of the Topic:
This workshop will equip participants with the knowledge to:
- Implement cutting-edge tools that optimize marketing budget and outreach.
- Refine marketing processes to be more adaptive and responsive to market dynamics.
- Create more inclusive and engaging content that reflects diverse consumer bases.

Consequences of Ignorance:
Without this knowledge, organizations risk:
- Falling behind in adopting new technologies, resulting in less efficient and effective campaigns.
- Stagnating in old processes that fail to meet current market demands and consumer expectations.
- Overlooking the rich creative potential and market reach that diverse perspectives can offer.

Expected Outcomes:
By the end of the workshop, attendees will be better able to:
- Integrate advanced tools and technologies seamlessly into their marketing strategies.
- Develop and implement dynamic and efficient workflows tailored to their products marketing.

Eraina Ferguson

Eraina Ferguson

Founder/Senior Product Marketing Manager


Eraina Ferguson is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for a Boston based tech company, Founder of GLU, and a TEDxApex Curator. Her recent monologue, Listen to Her, was read by actress Marla Gibbs and featured at the WACO Theatre’s 50in50 event. She has been featured on NBC Universal, Afrotech, and the LA Times.

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