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The Keys to Innovation

2018 Spring Onsite Conference

April 21, 2018

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Career Development

Three Leadership Laws a Product Manager Can Never Break

Your success, and the success of your team or business will always be determined by your ability to lead yourself and others.

If you ignore these laws you will struggle in your ability to lead people, communicate your vision, plan effectively, leverage resources and ultimately reach your destination. If you follow them, people will follow you.

This session will teach you three critical leadership laws and principles necessary for product management. One must never break these leadership laws as they carry severe consequences.


Thomas Miller

Human Behavior Consultant

Leaders Building Leaders

Dr. Thomas Miller is the founder of Leaders Building Leaders, the difference maker in the leadership development of individuals and organizations throughout North Carolina. As a consultant, trainer and speaker, Tom has successfully turned around multiple organizations, saving them from imminent failure and guiding them to long-term success. A combination of overcoming addiction, successful experience in leadership roles and personal transformation through the mastery of John Maxwell’s Leadership principles allows Tom and the Leaders Building Leaders team to provide elite-level leadership development instruction to those seeking to navigate a course from success to significance.

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