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Four Days Over Four Weeks

2020 Virtual Unconference Series

Four Consecutive Thursdays:
June 11, June 18, June 25, July 2

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We hope to see you soon at a ProductCampRTP™ session.

Session Abstract

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Product Management

The Forgotten Products: Product Management for Non-Software Products

Much of product management is the same regardless of the type of product we are building. Understanding customers, collaborating with stakeholders, making good business decisions are important whether we are building a software tool or an industrial gearbox. But there are distinctions between building physical products and software-only, digital-first products. Product managers for physical items must often understand supply chain, manufacturing, capacity planning, and other functions that aren’t relevant for software product managers. Markets and customers may move at different paces. Decades may go by between product changes! These types of products are often forgotten in the product management world. This discussion will focus on how to be a great product manager of physical products.


JJ Rorie

Vice President

Sequent Learning Networks

JJ Rorie is a thought-leader and practitioner who has spent her career helping companies optimize their product management and marketing functions. She is currently Vice President at Sequent Learning Networks. JJ has spent 15+ years in various leadership roles in the financial services, telecommunications and healthcare industries for companies such as First Data, T-Mobile and American Hospital Association. JJ is also a serial entrepreneur, co-founding a healthcare technology company as well as a product development and talent management consultancy.


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