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The World's Largest Online International Product Camp

2021 ProductCamp ON>LINE™

June 2021

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Market Research and Analytics

Ten Tips to Leverage Data Better and Make Better Products

Leveraging data has never been a more important skill for product people than today. We must go beyond the data towards a differentiated understanding of our customers and opportunities leading to differentiated products and all the while bringing others along this journey. Join Dave as he covers 10 tips on leveraging data better to make better products that every product manager, designer, and leader can utilize. Following these tips will lead to greater product and professional success.


Dave Mathias

Product & Analytics Consultant

Beyond the Data

Dave helps leaders and organizations be more customer-focused and data-driven to deliver amazing insights, products, and experiences. He is the founder of Beyond the Data and author of the “go Beyond the Data” newsletter and podcast. Dave is writing a book on Data Storytelling and Translation around helping everyone better leverage and communicate with data to drive organization and community value and change. Dave has worked for companies like U.S. Bank, Aon, and Solera. Over the years Dave has been fortunate to have the opportunity to mentor dozens of amazing people, advise many fascinating startups, and serve on a variety of boards and executive councils.


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