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The Keys to Innovation

2018 Spring Onsite Conference

April 21, 2018

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Product Strategy

Successful Products Insights from Silicon Valley Execs

Featured In Book, “The Heart of Success”, This session will help you ensure whatever product you launch has best chance for success in adoptions and sales.

If you ignore it, you run the risk of launching a product that fails and hurts your business.


Keith Washo


KDW Consulting

Keith Washo lives in Raleigh, NC where for two decades worked in sales & marketing for leading technology companies in Silicon Valley like Creative Labs, SanDisk, and Qualcomm. He has also held leadership roles at consumer electronic and component startups like Bigfoot Networks and Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc. He is also an entrepreneur founding his own company, Amazing Tech Products Inc which launched the Purebuds Earphones. He is currently the President of KDW Consulting and Director of Brand & Retail Sales for Netsertive, Inc.

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