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The World's Largest Online International Product Camp

2021 ProductCamp ON>LINE™

June 2021

Videos and handouts are posted. We hope to see you at our next event.

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Product Strategy

How to Set a Customer-Centric Vision and Strategy to Realize It

A key part of product leadership is having conviction about where the product should go, and why that's right for customers and the business. In this talk, Rajesh will explain the key components of his Vision-Led PM framework to set that vision. It starts by identifying your customer's key outcome (how THEY measure product success), crafting a vision for what you want the customer journey to look like in the future, working backwards from that to create a strategic plan to realize the vision, and then using a balanced roadmapping framework to execute the strategic plan.


Rajesh Nerlikar

Principal Product Advisor / Coach


Rajesh is an engineer turned MBA turned product guy. He's been doing product for more than 15 years, mostly at 6 startups, of which 3 exited - Opower (energy efficiency), HelloWallet (financial wellness) and (travel). Over the past 3 years, he's advised and coached 30 product teams at Prodify. Combining his experience with his co-founder Ben Foster's, the two wrote a book called Build What Matters, where they explain how to apply their Vision-Led PM framework to set a customer-centric vision and strategy to realize it.

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