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The Keys to Innovation

2018 Spring Onsite Conference

April 21, 2018



Session Abstract

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Design Thinking

How Design Thinking Can Improve Your Product Experience

These insights will give you tools necessary to improve collaboration and the ability to make data driven decisions throughout the process of definition, design, and development.

Without the insights coming out of this topic, you run the risk of building features, rather than experiences, that resonate with your users/customers. You also continue to cultivate a siloed culture where teams are not collaborative or innovative.

You will learn how to support the ability to create innovative products and solutions for users and to validate solution concepts early and often. You will learn the major components of the process and what’s necessary for success.

This presentation will improve the articulation of the products and solutions for users, by framing the deliverables around the things people value. You will also have a better understanding of what inputs and activities are necessary to improve the overall solution outcomes.


Kenya Oduor

Founder and CEO

Lean Geeks

Dr. Kenya Oduor is founder and CEO of Lean Geeks. Lean Geeks is a firm focused on creating effective outcomes that enhance clients’ products and services. Dr. Kenya works to understand people to create solutions that are purposeful and effective. She defines, creates, and optimizes products and services.

She has held several in-house requirements definition and design roles and consulting partnerships focused on strategy and user experience. Dr. Oduor is Pragmatic Marketing® Certified. She partners with product managers and product owners to identify and define market problems to solve. She facilitates the translation of these opportunities into wireframes and workflows that communicate the user experience using a Human Factors expert approach. Her Agile ScrumMaster ® and Product Owner ® training are a solid foundation for her ability to help teams understand how to incorporate product management and user experience activities and deliverables into the overall software development lifecycle. She employs a “fail fast” approach to solution development by engaging users and stakeholders for feedback early and often.

Her skills include leading strategy and brainstorming discussions, defining, and executing mixed-method human subject research, creating human-centered software and service solutions, and facilitating cross-functional collaboration and decision-making activities. Her specialties include the application of mixed-method research for customer discovery, requirements definition, and formative and summative evaluation. She defines and employs creative recruitment strategies to ensure participants are diverse and representative of consumers.

Dr. Kenya holds a doctorate in Human Factors.  Her training includes coursework in applied experimental psychology and industrial engineering. Her interests include data-driven decision making, ethical & trustworthy AI, and leading user-centered teams.

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