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Four Days Over Four Weeks

2020 Virtual Unconference Series

Four Consecutive Thursdays:
June 11, June 18, June 25, July 2



Session Abstract

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Emerging Opportunities and Threats in 2025

Everyone talks about the "new" normal, as if we'll return to a pre-COVID normal. The better question to ask is: what does 2025 look like? What are the key drivers or trends that will create a new reality? How will volatility and uncertainty impact the economy and our society? If we start to consider the dynamic nature of our economy, the shifts brought about by COVID, the underlying economic, societal and technology trends, we and our companies and products can be better positioned to win in the near future.

Jeffrey Phillips

Jeffrey Phillips

Senior Consultant


Jeffrey has done almost everything that can be done with products, from leading new product innovation programs for Fortune 500 companies, leading the Product Development Management Association chapter in North Carolina, to doing product development and product management work in software as well as tangible products. He has also led product marketing and led product sales teams.

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