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The Keys to Innovation

2018 Spring Onsite Conference

April 21, 2018



Session Abstract

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Session #

Design Thinking

Designing Solutions: Using Visualization to Create Buy-In

The presentation will help the audience learn how designers practice visualization each and every day to come up with solutions for roadblocks that businesses and teams face when developing a product and bringing it to market.

Excellent visuals are powerful. Have you ever heard the phrase, “A picture is worth a 1000 words?”


Michael Laut


Laut Design

Michael has grown Laut Design into a national competitor in the product design industry over the course of ten years. Entirely bootstrapped and started from a college apartment at NC State University, the firm has grown to service Fortune 50 clients around the world, as well as an ever-growing group of local start-ups and other businesses in the Raleigh area. Laut Design’s footprint in the Triangle area continues to expand, serving key industries as bioscience, consumer products, electronics, and military and defense. Michael has also co-founded and invested in local start-ups ranging from footwear to the drone industry.

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