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Our 10th Anniversary conference

2019 Spring Onsite Conference

May 4, 2019



Session Abstract

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Product Strategy

A Simple Product Investment Framework

One of the primary roles of the product manager is to research, present and recommend product investment options for the company. The best product teams drive the decision-making process and facilitate the environment that allows the leadership in the company to make often very difficult decisions. This educational session offers a simple framework that when adopted, can create a shared process and vocabulary across the company and streamline the creation of short and long term roadmaps.

Every software business needs a process to define the roadmap. As the business grows, we can no longer depend on the founders to make roadmap decisions and the product function needs to step in to lead. A defined vocabulary and process that drives product investments will streamline communications, clarify commitments and set clear goals for all in the company.

Partipants will learn how a typical roadmap is defined, how do you categorize product investments, what processes must be in place to make good decisions, how often do we need to make roadmap decisions, who is typically responsible for the different steps and decisions in the process, how does a process like this get derailed, how do I make a difference as a product manager, and more.

We will be better at applying the framework to your own businesses and identify the areas of improvement for your team and company. It will spur healthy discussions around development cadence, capacity allocation, roles and responsibilities that will drive company-wide efficiency improvements.


Eric Zoetmulder


The Topline Strategy Group

Eric has built his career in high growth cloud software businesses leading product teams most recently at SciQuest and Dude Solutions. He has started his own consulting business SixFive Consulting with a mission to help software companies develop unique product strategies and build a strong product function. He helps founders, product leaders, and product managers simplify this complex area of their business by providing project-based consulting, as well as training and mentoring of critical product talent and teams.

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