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The Keys to Innovation

2018 Spring Onsite Conference

April 21, 2018



Session Abstract

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Product Strategy

4Rs of Product Portfolio Analysis

If you ignore applying a right approach, you run the risk of continuing with spaghetti of product portfolio not knowing what will fit where in your overall product strategy, how and why.

Establishing a Blue Print for your Product Strategy

Analyzing your existing Product Portfolio

4R Methodology to align your Product Portfolio to your Product Strategy

Align your current product portfolio and continue to keep your product strategy intact.


Kiran Kakarlamudi

Founder & President

Johaus Global

Kiran has a significant experience in conducting market research and competitive analysis, developing strategy and execution plans, leading delivery, support and change management for internal and external products in Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Telecom. He currently owns a start-up which launched Clinical Trial Marketing, Patient Engagement and Analytics products and services for Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry.

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