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The World's Largest Online International Product Camp

2021 ProductCamp ON>LINE™

June 2021

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Product Marketing

10 Ways to Ensure a Successful Product Launch

You’ve found a problem the market is willing to pay you to solve. Your development team worked hard to build a product with excellent product-market fit. It’s going to take careful planning and precise execution to pull off a successful product launch. Will you be ready? There are many things you need to do well to have a successful launch. In this presentation I’ll show you the 10 things you must do. Curious? Come join me in a talk about the 10 Ways to Ensure a Successful Product Launch.


Dave Daniels



Dave Daniels is the creator of the BrainKraft Product Launch System™ and is the founder of BrainKraft. Dave’s career in the technology industry spans from developer, to product manager, to marketing, to executive leadership, and entrepreneur. Launching products have seemed to follow him no matter the company or the role he’s in. The experience Dave gained launching products led to developing the Launch course offered by Pragmatic Institute. Dave personally taught thousands of product professionals how to successfully launch products. ​ BrainKraft delivers the structure, knowledge, and support to help companies successfully launch products.

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