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Abhishek Kumar Agarwal

Product Manager

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Abhishek Agarwal is spearheading the development of a cutting-edge data analytics and AI platform for global enterprises, expertly integrating open-source toolkits for hybrid deployments.
With extensive experience in product management, strategy, and operations, he excelled as a Sr. Product Manager (Tech) at Amazon Web Services (AWS), leading the creation of SageMaker, a premier machine learning model platform. An alumnus of Yale University and the Indian Institute of Technology, his insights have been featured in renowned media outlets.
With a background in Unilever, Abhishek thrives in collaborative, multidisciplinary environments. His proficiency spans AI/ML, MLOps, Cloud Cost Management, Product Management, Leadership, and more. Connect with Abhishek to delve into his world of innovation and business expertise.

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