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a historic first joint venture by
ProductCampRTP™ and PDMA Carolinas

2022 Product Summit Online™

October 29, 2022

Videos and handouts are posted. We hope to see you at our next event.

Session Abstract

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Session #

Design Thinking

Unleash the Strengths of the Product Trio through Design Thinking

There's a constant tug of war between designers, development and product. Designers want their designs to be perfect and they need a TON of discovery, development wants to get code out the door while trying to build things to scale up, and product ends up becoming this man/woman in the middle trying to balance it all. This ends up being an accountability nightmare.

In this talk I will break down concepts like the product trio, as Teresa Torres calls it, and show how we can utilize design thinking principles to
1) Squash the 4 levels of risk a la Marty Cagan (usability, feasibility, value, business viability)
2) Generate alignment and accountability to build the most valuable product in an agile way.

You'll walk away with the templates I use to foster more productive Design Thinking exercises/workshops and an action plan of how and when to engage Designers, Engineers and Product Management.


Aaron Kesler

Senior Product Manager


Aaron started his first company, STAK, in college which focused on application development for small businesses. One of his clients was also a quickly growing startup called Carvertise. After working with Aaron on a few projects, Carvertise acquired STAK, making Aaron and his business partner the third and fourth members of the Carvertise team. While at Carvertise, Aaron wore many hats from Product Management to Customer Success to Lead Developer and all the way to Sales. Under Aaron’s technical leadership, Carvertise won Tech Startup of the Year 2015 for the state of Delaware.

Currently he’s Sr. Product Manager for UI/UX at Snaplogic where he is working on new product development and developing repeatable product processes.

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