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The World's Largest Online International Product Camp

2021 ProductCamp ON>LINE™

June 2021

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Product Management

Panel: Product Management Trends & Predictions 2021

Last year's pandemic caused havoc for many product managers and their teams. We discuss product management trends and perspectives and look at predictions for the year ahead. In the face of unprecedented market shifts, exponentially changing buyer behavior, reduced team capacity, and new requirements for remote working, we discuss how product managers require an ever-increasing velocity and scale of analysis in terms of processing and access to accelerate innovation and forge new paths for their organizations to remain relevant.


Steve Johnson, Rich Mironov, JJ Rorie, David Nash, with moderator Hector Del Castillo

The panel includes long-time product management experts Steve Johnson and Rich Mironov, JJ Rorie, Vice President at Sequent Learning Networks, David Nash, Vice President at 280 Group, with moderator Hector Del Castillo of Bold PM.


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