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Building community | Growing product skills | Boosting innovation | Connecting globally

2024 Spring Onsite Conference

Friday, May 17, 2024 from 1pm to 5:30pm

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Propose a Session

Proposals are not being accepted for this conference.

Session proposals must be submitted in advance of the event to allow time for selection. You may submit multiple topics, but you must complete this entire form for each topic.

If you've spoken at one of our events previously, you can select from the list of prior speakers. Otherwise, click "Add a Speaker" to add yourself to the list. You'll return to this screen to select the speaker and describe your session.

Submit your session by 5:00 pm ET, Monday, April 29.

Plan your session for up to 20 minutes plus 10 minutes for Q&A.


Total session time: 30 minutes.

Participants prefer interactive presentations and discussions.

1. Select a previous speaker or add a new one

(Find by typing a few letters in the name)

You must select a previous speaker 
or add one
2. Describe your session


  • What are the key things we should know about your topic?

  • How will this topic help us?

  • What is at stake if we don't know what you're going to present?

  • As a result, what will we be able to do better?

I understand that this submission does not guarantee a right to present. I also agree that my session, if selected, will not be a sales pitch for a product or service. Further, if selected, I agree my session may be recorded at this event and some or all of the audio and/or video recordings may be shared with others. 


After clicking Submit, you should see "Your content has been submitted" and all fields will clear. If not, check for required fields (highlighted in red) that you may have skipped.

Refresh the page to submit another speaker and topic.

Your content has been submitted

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