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The Keys to Innovation

2018 Spring Onsite Conference

April 21, 2018



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Entrepreneurship / Start-ups

Stop chasing the product-market fit and focus on the Job to Be Done

The ones that succeed do so because they intuitively understand the Job To Be Done (JTBD). By applying the JBTD framework, the product-market fit can be methodically maintained and innovation becomes a predictable process.

It’s a myth that the product-market fit is a constant. Just because you have it right today, doesn’t mean it stays that way. However, the Job To Be Done is a constant. It gives any company the anchors they need to build successful products and services.

What are the key things we should know about your topic?

Why discovering the Job To Be Done inherently improves product-market fit

What does a great Job To Be Done look like?

How to get started on the Job To Be Done for your own product or service

Learning to apply the Job To Be Done will lead to improved strategic thinking about product development. You will see how to identify opportunities that map to the outcomes your customers are looking for.

Yasmeen Kashef

Yasmeen Kashef

Product Manager


When Yasmeen first joined Dmorph, their online file transfer platform was ready for growth and just needed great marketing. Shortly afterwards, it became painfully clear that the product-market fit was far from being defined. Through the process of onboarding 200 users to the platform, the next 2 years at Dmorph were dedicated to refining market positioning, discovering the job to be done and collaborating with C-suite developers on product roadmap and development.

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