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The World's Largest Online International Product Camp

2021 ProductCamp ON>LINE™

June 2021

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Career Development

Mastering the Product Resume

Whether you already have a product role or are looking for your first job in product management, this session is for you. You’ll learn the best practices to use, what specific missteps to avoid, and how to clearly show your product skills so companies quickly respond to your resume. It also focuses on how to highlight your previous experience so you can get land a job in product management. It includes before and after resumes of real people so you can see how the steps described can result in a superior product resume.


Dan Corbin

Principal Product Manager


Dan Corbin is a Principal Product Manager at H-E-B, Instructor of Product Management at General Assembly, and Product Coach at ProductHired. He’s a Certified Scrum Professional with almost 20 years of product development experience. Dan is also the founder of The Product League and the Product Job Club, as well as an instructor at Agile Austin U.

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