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Our 10th Anniversary conference

2019 Spring Onsite Conference

May 4, 2019



Session Abstract

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Session #

Market Research and Analytics

Focus on your Customers

One of my favorite Pragmatic Marketing sayings is "The answers you seek are not in the building". So where do you get customer insights, especially if your organization doesn't have a marketing research department? My talk will help participants by illustrating why customer insights are important and 5 practical ways to obtain them.


Nancy MacCreery

Founder, Principal Consultant

Broad Reach Marketing Services, LLC

Nancy brings a unique perspective to marketing -- blending the business focus of an MBA, the analytical side of an engineer and the creativity of a fiction writer. She’s successfully developed and implemented marketing strategy for both large and small organizations using her skills in communications, social media, and market research. She loves to solve problems, create practical, effective solutions, and help good ideas and organizations grow. Nancy is the founder and principal consultant at Broad Reach Marketing Services, LLC, helping good ideas and organizations grow.

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