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Friday, June 11

& Saturday, June 12


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Product Management

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Why pay a lot for PM Software. Build your own Product Management System in Notion

Are you are looking at JIRA or AHA! to manage your Product Management data, but are not too excited by the price? On the other hand, are you tired of your PM data being tied up and inaccessible in myriad spreadsheets and Word Docs? Notion is a straight forward content and data platform that is easy to use, highly flexible, and significantly less expensive to use than the enterprise PM applications. In this session I will start with a simple PM template, and take input from the audience to add features and functionality on the fly. Yes, a bit of a high wire act, but it is intended to show the simplicity and flexibility of using Notion to handle your internal data needs. If you are not familiar with Notion, think of it as a cross between Salesforce.com, SharePoint, and Google Docs. I will make both the original template and whatever comes out of the session available to all participants after the session.


Lee White


NGage Content Design

I have worked 10+ years in and around agile software development shops. I have been developing/administrating/delivering productivity software solutions for over 20 years. My current venture is the development of productivity templates (apps) based on the Notion Platform.


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