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Friday, June 11

& Saturday, June 12


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Product Development

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What’s Your Duct Tape to Electronics Ratio?

Solutions for protecting, transporting and packaging electronics for prototyping, dev/test units and short-run production. We’ve all been challenged while developing a new electronic or IoT product. Boards, sensors and wires willy-nilly on the desk. Prototypes too fragile to move. Huge $$ quotes to package a couple of early-stage production units. It’s frustrating and impedes innovation, but you don’t have to be stalled at this stage of invention! Learn about methods, materials and products that almost anyone can use to innovate more effectively and transition your idea from prototype to a clean dev/test unit to small-scale production quickly and cost effectively. In this session, Phase Dock founder and manufacturing engineer Chris Lehenbauer will share his knowledge of materials, available solutions, and things you need to consider as you bridge that frustrating gap between rapid prototype and high-volume production.


Werner "Chris" Lehenbauer

Founder & CTO

Phase Dock Inc.

Phase Dock founder and manufacturing engineer Chris Lehenbauer is a USAF-trained machinist, degreed computer scientist, professional woodworker, injection mold builder, and mechanical problem solver. He has helped build UAVs, flying cars and medical products—and he maintained the fastest manned production aircraft ever built –the SR-71 Blackbird.


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