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Friday, June 11

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The New Normal : How DevOps is the difference that makes the difference!

How to Navigate digital transformation with Confidence in New Normal ! Going remote is always difficult but doing it in the current environment makes it a much greater challenge. The good news is, if handled well, the move to remote working can increase performance and employee satisfaction. By focusing on the key areas of productivity, sanity and connectedness, team can weather the storm and come out stronger on the other side. Unlike typical operating models, the DevOps model focuses on organizational mindset, mechanics, maturity, and market share. The model helps change culture and creates a team of team environment using Diverse Collaboration techniques that develop diversity, equity, and inclusion across the organization as they deliver a predictable flow of value to their customers. As organizations learn, they develop this same relationship with their customers by creating opportunities for Diverse Collaboration where every voice can be heard through Agility. This helps them relate to their customers, potential customers and provide the best experience possible. This model allows for the creation of opinionated pipelines and helps create a common understanding across teams as to what is required to be secure. Taking this approach can be considered a part of implementing a DevOps program and I’ve used this approach at multiple clients. It helps build organizational confidence in the automation of software delivery. Content is fairly high level, but I can dig into sp


Rahul K Mukherjee

Agile Strategist

KyoTek Corp

Rahul is an Agilist, DevOps leader, Test Manager, Agile Coach, and global speaker who feels passion for Testing Automation, Agile, DevOps and business agility. He enjoys research and learning about business agility and working with cutting-edge technologies. His goal is to develop a healthy, collaborative and continuously improved culture where experimentation is encouraged and crafting a high focus is appreciated. He has been learning continuously for more than 16 years and is still learning new ways to foster business agility and team greatness. Rahul is an ICAgile Authorized Instructor and Enterprise Agile Coach in Banking, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing and Product development.


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