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Friday, June 11

& Saturday, June 12


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The Inner Game of User Stories

When agile teams are working, the all-important stories stay on the wall (or, worse, in a tool). They sometimes get seen, touched, and loved only once a day. Why are the stories not the focus of the work? Why do we take our eye off the ball and allow distractions to take over? Is there something more important than value? Inspired by the book The Inner Game of Tennis and the impact it's had on athletes' mindset for more than forty years, we'll look at some ideas for getting out of your own way so you can let the best story emerge and focus on what is really important. Join Cory Bryan to learn how to listen to which “self” is talking, methods to simplify the work needed, and a way to focus on customer value without too much effort. By adapting and thinking in an "Inner Game" way, our natural tendencies that we already know can help us relearn how to put user stories first. That can then lead us to better ways to win the game when innovating, building, and delivering our products.


Cory Bryan

Product Leader

Taiju Consulting LLC

Cory Bryan is a creative enthusiast, agile evangelist, and product nerd. He loves seeing products created that help make everyone involved become more awesome. This is done by working in the trenches and as a coach with organizations to discover ways to maximize customer and business value with both agile and lean principles. Cory is the host of Deliver It, an Agile Product Owners podcast, and does deeper dives though Taiju Consulting LLC. His background includes twenty years of experience in testing, management, and agile practices.


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