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Friday, June 11

& Saturday, June 12


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Product Management

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The Dangerous Animals of Product Management: The art of managing stakeholders & staying true to your product strategy

Picture this. You are a forward-thinking product manager with a clear product vision, a value-driven prioritization framework, and a context-rich roadmap. You make it a point to listen to customer needs and incorporate feedback from many different perspectives. Yet, throughout the product management process, stakeholders come to the table with unvalidated requests. “This must be built,” they insist, “and right away.” How do we avoid having our vision & strategy stampeded by such stakeholders & situations? In this webinar, Dean Peters will offer helpful insights and approaches to identifying and taming these dangerous animals who might otherwise trample your carefully planned product vision and strategy.

Dean Peters

Sr. Director of Product Management

Seven Lakes Technologies

Dean is an experienced agile product manager & recovering programmer with a secret past life as a professional opera singer. He recently wrapped up his role as an Associate Product & Strategy Director at IQVIA. There he provided his product expertise to IQVIA’s Analytics Center of Excellence as they transform clinical trials through human data science & artificial intelligence. Ultimately, Dean hopes to retire to the beach to run a hotdog stand where he can offer sage advice on gardening & computer-generated music while sharing his unique and intriguing journey into product management to anyone who will listen.


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