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Friday, June 11

& Saturday, June 12


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Product Career Development

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Take the courage to be a cow in the midst of unicorns

Everywhere we go we are shown the unicorns who succeeded and shines. We look up to stories of perfection and super power. Yet, the reality is when you peel the layers of every successful product, every successful leaders, they are all a shiny, polished image of courage that overcame failures, of consistency throughout all the ups and down, etc. Dream to see the unicorn but don’t be tricked into believing you have to be one to succeed.


Tina Nguyen

AVP, Enterprise AI and Analytics


With over ten years of experience in product management, risk reduction, process management, CRM, application development and Data Science, I am fluent in optimally blending business strategies, insights/analytics and technologies. My passion is to eliminate racism, advocate for justice, freedom and dignity, and empower Women in Tech & Leadership. I have expressed these values by speaking as a keynote speaker or being a panelist at conferences and events such as Halicon2019, Code Freeze 2021, CPrime Jam session, University of Minnesota Machine Learning Virtual Summer Camp, NeurIPS 2020.


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