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Friday, June 11

& Saturday, June 12


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Product Strategy

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Strategy Meets Agile Execution: An Agile Business Architecture Love Story

The world is getting more competitive and complex by the minute.  To ensure success organizations need new approaches to business model visibility, culture building, and agile governance.  Discover the new world of agile architecture that prioritizes breadth, transparency, and impact. In this talk, we will explore the good, the bad and the ugly when strategy and agile delivery meet at the crossroads of digital transformation. As an agile and lean executive coach, I have helped several large organizations find their way in navigating their bipolar tendencies toward business consistency and resiliency.  There is a way to have business process and capabilities oversight while encouraging agile delivery and team ownership.  The compromises keep coming while we explore topics of governance, value lifecycles, and organizational alignment.


Tamarah Usher

Director Digital Strategy


Tamarah Usher has a twenty-year career in strategy and technology consulting that includes strategy, foresight, sustainability, and data science leadership positions.  Her roles on a wide variety of initiatives have helped companies realize competitive positioning, cost savings, and growth through innovation and business transformation.  Tamarah delivers strategies and methodologies that allow organizations to actively prepare for complex scenarios by incorporating foresight disciplines into their strategic planning.  She enjoys making sense of ambiguity while retaining the specificity needed to design flexible, distributed, and human systems.  Her diversity of experience across enterprise silos and industries enables her to find patterns and employ novel solutions to the most complex problems.  Tamarah is known as an outstanding leader, facilitator, and team builder with a passion for collaboration and novel approaches to customer-centric and inclusive solutions.  


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