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Friday, June 11

& Saturday, June 12


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User Experience (UI, UX, IxD)

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Stop Reacting… Lean into it!

Companies too often carry their platforms into the future with a "feed the machine" mentality. To meet customer needs they continually pack more features into the system only to find the system getting more complicated and creating customer frustration over time. This eventually creates mountains of debt difficult to overcome toward actually making customers happy. In this talk, I'll provide practical tips and examples I've applied over the years using lean methodology toward continuous platform UX improvements at scale. If we fail to adopt more lean and agile processes to combat process bloat we will end up on the reactionary treadmill where wider improvement tends to stagnate. Applying practical strategies to reduce reactionary behavior allows teams to partner more closely, react more quickly to change, and connect the dots toward a better strategy.


Scott Himmer

Lead User Experience Designer

Renaissance Learning

I have been in the User Experience field for over 20 years designing everything from content to products to platforms/systems. I have worked with large and small companies across a variety of domains and collaborated closely with stakeholders at all levels of an organization. I am a firm believer in embracing change and innovative solutions to improve products and processes for the good of all. I've been an ardent evangelist in bringing people together to unite around the need for great product experiences and established protocol to standardize and improve those experiences. I am passionate about working with stakeholders to establish a vision and strategy for delivering delightful user experiences to customers. My history and background have led to many successful relationships and bridg


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