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Friday, June 11

& Saturday, June 12


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Product Management

Stakeholders matter! See it through their eyes.

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Product Management and Product Marketing are often mystified by the behavior of their stakeholders. The motivations of Sales, Design, and Engineering sometimes appear anti-productive, and interactions can become contentious. To successfully lead your organization, you’ve got to understand what makes your stakeholders tick. Join Stacey Weber and Jon Gatrell to gain some perspective in a fun, light-hearted session focused on the teams that bring success to your organization.

Stacey Weber


Market-Driven Business

Stacey Weber has been a leader in the Product world for most of her career. As a preeminent expert on outside-in business and using real-world research to drive strong decision-making in your company, Stacey’s message is always clear: your job in Product is to know the market better than anyone else in the business. Stacey co-founded Market-Driven Business to evolve the way learning is delivered in the product space.


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