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Friday, June 11

& Saturday, June 12


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Product Management

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Product Managers: Agents of change or the glue that holds it all together?

Product managers juggle so much, from developing requirements to customer development. Carving out your own approach as a product manager often gets abandoned in favor of work that appears more pressing, but when left unchecked, can derail your ambitions. The audience will walk away with insights about the success factors that go into being an assertive, not aggressive, product manager. Learn how to establish buy-in for collective metrics that have an enterprise impact. Get expert advice about clearly defining your responsibilities to establish impactful boundaries and priorities.


Rodan Zadeh

Head of Solutions for Connected Care


Rodan Zadeh is the head of connected health for Cognizant, a global consulting and services firm. In this role, Rodan oversees software and service strategy for telehealth and other digital health solutions. Prior to this role, he was the director of product strategy and a business leader for Cognizant Accelerator, where he focused on new ventures in health and life sciences. He has over two decades of product management and leadership experience. Outside of ‘work’, he is actively involved in advising several startups, private equity firms and board of directors. Rodan loves solving big problems with an open mind and great business instincts. A graduate of MIT, Rodan has bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a Master of Science degree in management.


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