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Friday, June 11

& Saturday, June 12


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Product Strategy

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Product Management using First Principles

As Product Managers we come from different backgrounds and often wear many hats in our positions. What levers do we pull to make an impact with our products? Knowing what to focus on and how to leverage that focus to create outsized results is the difference between a rockstar and an average Product Manager. The first principle of product management is to put the customer at the center. The gap between what that means and how to do that effectively is the bridge you can help your Product Team cross.


Ben Mackley

Solutions Engineer

Quantum Metric

Originally founded an EdTech company and became the de-facto product manager from the rag-tag group of engineers. While classically trained at a University, most of my learning came from managing products from the ground up. I started in EdTech and subsequently moved into PeopleTech and then FinTech. Currently I've taken a more meta approach to Product Management by helping PMs build better digital products faster with the Continuous Product Design methodology championed by Quantum Metric.


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