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Friday, June 11

& Saturday, June 12


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Entrepreneurship / start-up

Prioritizing Customer Outcomes to Find Product-Market Fit

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Ever struggle to prioritize all your product development initiatives against each other? In this workshop, Rajesh Nerlikar will share how to use his Vision-Led Product Management framework to prioritize the needs of different stakeholders (buyers, users, internal staff, the Board) against each other in your quest for product-market fit.

Rajesh Nerlikar

Principal Product Advisor / Coach


Rajesh is an engineer turned MBA turned product guy. He's been doing product for more than 15 years, mostly at 6 startups, of which 3 exited - Opower (energy efficiency), HelloWallet (financial wellness) and Hitchsters.com (travel). Over the past 3 years, he's advised and coached 30 product teams at Prodify. Combining his experience with his co-founder Ben Foster's, the two wrote a book called Build What Matters, where they explain how to apply their Vision-Led PM framework to set a customer-centric vision and strategy to realize it.


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