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Friday, June 11

& Saturday, June 12


Session Abstract

Product Strategy

Pre-empt, Dislocate, Disrupt

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We present the only three strategies for a new or revised product: preempt (find a new and unfilled market), dislocate (enter a competitive market in a way that limits existing competitors) or disrupt (create conditions in a competitive market that give you an edge) The strategy is scalable from a company point of view to a product point of view, and is based on practical experience from corporations and originates from military strategy. The talk is based on a book I co-wrote entitled OutManeuver. We'll explore when each of these options is viable and introduce tools and methods to help you win in each case.

Jeffrey Phillips

Innovate on Purpose

Developer of both tangible (semiconductors, medical devices), somewhat tangible (food products) and intangible (software, services) products and a consultant to Fortune 500 companies on innovation.


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