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Friday, June 11

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Leading and Communicating With Difficult People

Difficult people can take your time, energy and attention away from what is most important. Their impact on the culture and feelings of others goes well beyond their words and action. Each day, their behavior is like a slow leak in the pipes behind the wall. Each day it is dripping, you cannot always see it, or hear it, but it is having a massive impact on the foundation of the house. You cannot afford not to immediately STOP THE LEAK. To apply pressure to the leak, and then begin repairing it from the inside out. This session will teach you a framework that you can instantly implement that will equip you to lead difficult adults without worry of conflict and without wasting time and energy.


Thomas Miller

CEO, Human Behavior Consultant

Leaders Building Leaders

Dr. Tom Miller is the founder of Leaders Building Leaders, the difference maker in the leadership development of individuals and organizations throughout the world. Tom has successfully turned around multiple organizations, saving them from imminent failure and guiding them to long-term success. A combination of successful experience in leadership roles and transformation with John Maxwell Leadership principles allows Leaders Building Leaders to provide elite-level leadership development instruction to those seeking to navigate a course from success to significance.


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