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Friday, June 11

& Saturday, June 12


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Product Discovery / Ideation

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Jake Knapp's 5 day formula for rapid prototyping in 25 minutes

In the phase of Product discovery, it is very important to ideate innovatively and try out new things. Most of us are aware of Jake Knapp's 5 day formula for rapid prototyping. This session is a case study using Jake Knapp's 5 day sprint formula. Session will consist of various methods and techniques that can help in rapid prototyping and validating the ideas. This session marks the stepping stone to generate ideas that can be validated before solving the real big problem.


Sweta Kodi

Product Manager

Sweta Kodi is a Product Manager in the fintech space with a total experience of 10+ years in the IT industry with a technical background in Cloud computing and Data Analytics. As an upcoming Product Leader and an entrepreneur, she has volunteered at various organizations and start ups by coaching and mentoring  on various Product Management topics that she has gained along the way. One of her notable pitches was at the UK Fintech 21, an international virtual event where she pitched a solution idea on financial inclusion of the unbanked population into the banking system using the power of AI. Apart from these, she loves to read personality development books, conduct workshops and whiteboard to generate creatively innovative ideas.


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