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Friday, June 11

& Saturday, June 12


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Product Management

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It is ok to say no. Just be prepared to back it up.

It seams like every day we are being asked to take on another project, product enhancement, new product, new QA initiative, and more. If you say yes to everything, you may end up feeling overwhelmed and potentially failing. It can be ok to say no to new requests. You just need to be prepared to back-up your response. During this session we will explore some of the techniques and preparations you can user to prepare yourself for a difficult conversation.


Craig Rees

Product Owner

Velocity Works

Highly motivated Product Owner. Strong verbal, listening and written skills. Comfortable in interacting with all levels of the organization and public. Able to negotiate and problem solve quickly, accurately, and efficiently. Adept at multitasking to achieve individual and team goals. Diverse background includes sales support, customer service, product management, and leadership. Committed to quality and excellence.


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