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Friday, June 11

& Saturday, June 12


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Product Marketing

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How to Move Beyond Misleading Market Segmentation

Market segmentation and customer selection is one of the most important contributions of a Product team. And yet, most market segmentation is based on factors such as industry, company size or geography. In today’s complex environment, companies are finding that this level of segmentation can mislead. Consequently, salespeople chase the wrong deals, product investments are misappropriated, and marketing dollars are wasted. In this session, we will introduce a segmentation framework based on the only thing that matters which is how likely the customer is to buy. This framework is also a tool to achieve to stronger alignment between the product, marketing, and sales teams. This results in overall improved performance and greater job satisfaction for all.


Neil Baron

Managing Director

Baron Strategic Partners

Neil Baron is the founder of Baron Strategic Partners, a consulting firm focused on helping organizations accelerate revenue growth through implementation of product marketing and product management best practices. He is regularly one of the most popular presenters at Product Camp Boston. He is the co-founder of the Boston Product Executive Forum and the Product Leadership Council. He has written extensively for FastCompany, Pragmatic Institute, Sales and Marketing Management and other media. He has delivered guest lectures at MIT, Tufts University, Babson College and Ohio State. Outside of work he enjoys competitive tennis and playing the trumpet.


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