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Friday, June 11

& Saturday, June 12


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Product Marketing

How to kick off a product marketing function within your company

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So you've been brought on to kickstart product marketing because there's a need for it. What do you do and how do you get started? While your Sales team and executives may be actively pitching your products and running demos daily for prospects, product marketing plays a key role in shaping the story around your products, highlighting your product's key value proposition, benefits and ensuring your messaging and positioning resonates with your target market. Sign up for this session to learn how to build a robust product marketing program that helps win deals and helps align internal go to market teams for maximum success!

Asya Bashina

Director of Marketing


Product marketer with 9+ years of experience running product marketing, demand generation, content marketing, business development, and retention marketing activities at B2B ranging from startups to global enterprises in industries such as SaaS, industrial IoT, manufacturing and logistics, financial services, AI, edge computing and enterprise software.


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