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Friday, June 11

& Saturday, June 12


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Entrepreneurship / start-up

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How to Create Your Own Personal Board of Directors

How do so many people get ahead in life? Is it luck? Is it money? Is it reputation? It might be a bit of all three. However, most do not get ahead without the help of others. The synergy that is present when many minds and talents come together usually propels all involved to new heights. This seminar will help you assemble your own personal “Board of Directors,” a board that can help you when you are in transition, when you are interested in changing occupations, when you need to learn a new tool – anytime you could use a hand! Bring your questions and your curiosities – we will explore and learn together! Objectives: • What is an Internal Board of Directors? • Why is an Internal Board of Directors Crucial to Success? • The Members to Include on your Board • The One Thing that Ensures Board Success • How to Construct Your Board


Holly A Sullenger


Dr. Holly Speaks, PhD, LLC

Dr. Holly Sullenger is an award-winning, highly sought-after corporate speaker, trainer, facilitator and consultant. With clients spanning the globe, Dr. Holly specializes in providing services in the areas of leadership, professional development and technology. Dr. Holly’s background includes careers in technology ranging from computer programming to systems development to database administration to data analytics, and providing leadership to six different corporate training centers. Dr. Holly holds five different college diplomas in the areas of Computer Science, Liberal Arts, Business Administration, and Adult Education. Her PhD is in Adult, Workforce and Continuing Professional Education – also known as Corporate Training. Dr. Holly has an amazing energy that allows her to be interactive, inclusive and effective both in-person and online. She is able to present high-level topics in ways that make the content easy to understand, to assimilate, and to act on.


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