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Friday, June 11

& Saturday, June 12


Session Abstract

Product Management

Herding Cats - Navigating and Managing Stakeholder Expectations

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Product Manager is often called the one who has to herd cats in their organization. You need to influence others, often stakeholders well above you and without any authority. Success of your product depends on how well you engage with the different stakeholders (internal and external), manage their expectations and get them excited. Easier said than done. This presentation will cover some of the true and tried techniques on how to do this successfully.

Gopal Shenoy

Director, Product Management

Takeoff Technologies Inc.

Results-oriented, product management executive with 25 years of B2C, B2B and International experience including 11 years of SaaS, 6 years of B2C and 5 years of online marketplace experience. Passionate about building product teams and mentoring the broader product management community.


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