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Friday, June 11

& Saturday, June 12


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Product Management

Functional Walkthrough = Assumption Mapping + User Story Mapping

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Do you need to understand which features are most important for versions of your software release? Do you need to be get alignment from stakeholders? Functional Walkthroughs are a great tool to help you visualize the products you will be creating and then getting alignment from all the stakeholders by confirming the assumptions and current state. In this session we will break into groups and create small functional walk through for some existing products.

Ashish Tripathi

Product Manager

The Home Depot

Born and raised in Houston, TX. Lived and worked briefly in New York, NY and Boulder Colorado. Have worked in multiple industries, aerospace, oil and gas, utilities and ecommerce. Have been involved in product creation and management since 2011. Since then I have put all my efforts toward Product Management. I love the Product Management field and discussing different was to bring products to customers.


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