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Friday, June 11

& Saturday, June 12


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From Feature Factories to Agile Outcomes

The cloud creates the expectation of continuous evolution. Agile enables more continuous delivery, but often at the expense of strategic direction. This talk introduces an outcome-centered planning technique that reconnects agility to strategy. It focuses everyone’s work on the promises you make to your customers and how effectively you fulfill those promises. Charting your operational state from a customer-value perspective lets you plan strategic evolution paths and iterative stepping stones along those paths. That process frees Agile teams to “inspect and adapt” without fear of losing alignment with the customer. By connecting the what to the why, and by planning directions instead of destinations, customer value charting transforms Agile from a way to do “more work in less time” into a mechanism for delivering the right thing at the right time for the right reasons.


Jeff Sussna


Sussna Associates

Jeff Sussna is Founder and CEO of Sussna Associates, a Minneapolis consulting firm specializing in Agile, DevOps, Service Design, and Product Discovery. Jeff has more than 30 years experience leading and advising digital product delivery organizations. He specializes in help cloud delivery teams and executives meet the demand for continuous, customer-centered delivery.


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