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Friday, June 11

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Five Steps to Nailing Your Product Launch in the Covid Age

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on businesses, especially regarding their marketing strategy. Yet, as we look forward to vaccine rollouts and some measure of normalcy, we can anticipate that new-product releases will continue to roll on. While some companies have been able to position and launch their products during the pandemic, others need to assess how a product will be received in the market during this time before launching it. Moreover, even with the best intentions, only a fraction of new products survive their launch. I have launched multiple products ranging from software and mobile apps to physical products throughout my career, contributing over $600 million in revenue. Through these experiences, I found five keys to launch success, which resonate regardless of the times.


Ameeta Soni

Interim CMO for Tech and Digital Health Companies

Altek Consulting

Ameeta Soni delivers dramatic growth for tech and digital health companies in her consulting practice by developing and executing winning business, product, and marketing strategies, often serving as an interim Chief Marketing Officer. She has developed and launched products for diverse applications and markets to contribute over $600M in sales. Ameeta has had various roles, including Founder, CEO, CMO, investor, board director, and advisor, and helped raise >$100M in venture capital. She was CMO at several companies, including VFA, PlatformQ Health, WorldAPP, and Assemble Systems. Ameeta received her MBA from the University of Chicago, MS from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and BS (Honors) from St. Stephen's College.


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