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Friday, June 11

& Saturday, June 12


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Product Career Development

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Fast-Track to Product Leadership

Are you ready to step up into a leadership position? Are tired of being stuck doing tactical work? This session will walk through the key strategies to fast-track into product leadership, earn a seat at the leadership table, and love being a product innovator again. We will walk through key frameworks and case studies of how product manages stepped into their brilliance and are now product leaders inspiring their teams and leading with humanity. We will also walk through why ‘working harder,’ or clocking 60+ hours a week, is the WORST way to get noticed, respected, and earn that spot in the product management inner circle ... And the much simpler, less stressful to transform your career.


Lynne Levy

Master coach

Lynne Levy Coaching

My mission is to help product managers love what they do and become inspired leaders. I want to make working in the world of product awesome (or at least a whole lot better). I mentor / coach product managers in tech to up level their career, love what they do, get a seat at the product strategy table, earn that well-deserved promotion, while feeling valued and respected. I work at the intersection of Product Mgmt, Career Coaching, and Leadership Development. I believe the key to accelerating your product career is to master essential leadership skills, enabling you to effectively influence your teams to drive innovation.


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