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Friday, June 11

& Saturday, June 12


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Empathy: Leadership in Times of Crisis

Leadership has faced newer challenges as we grapple with the new normal. Practicing empathy as a leader has never been more critical. Empathetic leadership is important because empathy fosters trust, resilience, healing, growth, creativity and nourishing connections. Empathy reduces stress, transforms conflict, and supports sustainable collaborative environment. An empathetic leader can understand other’s perspectives, decisions and motivations and build a culture of empathy in their organization. While it is important to develop empathy for others, it is equally important to provide self-compassion for yourself. In this session we will explore how a leader can develop empathy for others through self-compassion. Empathy without self-compassion can leave a person drained of energy as a result of feeling what others feel. Our goal is to provide you a framework for self-compassion and self-care so that you can become an empathetic leader who understands other’s situation, is able to communicate this understanding to others and reciprocate as per their needs all while ensuring their own pitcher is not empty. You may have heard, "Put yourself in his/her shoes." you may have also tried but couldn't do it effectively. Join us to know how it has helped us as these exercises are simple yet so profound as to be life-changing; you'll be the judge.


Kamal Hans

Agile Coach


Kamal Hans believes people are capable of incredible things if they have the support they need. He is at his best when he gets to connect people with each other and their vision, create a structure of support, build a system to achieve their goals to accomplish bigger things than themselves. As an Agile Transformation Coach and disciplined facilitator, he has worked with global organizations and coached Development, Data, Operations, Marketing teams, and individual leaders to higher agile maturity levels at a sustainable and comfortable pace for the team and organization. He works closely with system stakeholders and technical teams to help them understand and implement the Scaled Agile structure, practices, and mindset to evolve their capabilities in delivering Value faster.


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