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Friday, June 11

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Product Strategy

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Don't Drink Your KoolAid: Product Life and Death from Ideation to Customer

Products take on a life all their own. They become our babies. Our nearsightedness impedes us from taking the 30,000 foot view and succeeding. Read on, do any of these situations sound familiar in your experience with product management? In the US, all funding is annual or quarterly and although you have budget approval, your idea may get killed. Boards and management teams have their own metrics You and alliance partners may have truly engineered the best solution to the customer’s problem, but project teams may omit details like the development cost or risk. You begin presenting the solution to real customers. Your product is a new entry in a new market segment. You feel you have the only viable solutions. Problem is, that is what all eight competitors are telling the same customer. Your solution has the best algorithm for complex solutions. After all you developed in with the best university partners. Problem is, every competitor says they have the best algorithm and smartest university backing their solution. How do you know where you stand? Where do you take the project from here? We will cover some scenarios and take questions on your dilemma.


Jim Caruso


M1PR, Inc. d/b/a MediaFirst PR - Atlanta

Jim Caruso is CEO of M1PR. The agency establishes market awareness that rewards clients with success and exit. Client select M1PR for positioning, awareness, thought-leadership, and leads from content, media relations, awards, social curation, etc. Companies which acquired his clients include Akamai, HP. Symantec, GE, TI, Logility, and others. Jim started his career as a product engineer at IBM developing products and solving manufacturing, yield, and quality problems. He sold to companies in more that 30 countries. He conceived, structured, and won complex, profitable deals of greater than $100 million.


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